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ANA Gavel of Muscat (Club No. 1586962)

The dream of ABC Toastmasters Club of starting a Gavel Club for the young and enthusiastic “Gavilliers” finally came true in 2010. Gravellier Rana Jose, an enthusiastic and dynamic youngster, design of ABC Toastmasters website (abctoastmasters.org), was elected as the first president of the newly formed “GAVEL CLUB” Sponsored by ABC Toastmasters Club, Oman.


Now in it’s in sixth year of operation (2016-2017), the installation of office bearers for the team of ANA Gavel club would be held on 07th of October, 2016 at Curry House-Ruwi.


Following are the new club officers of ANA Gavel Club for the term 2016-2017

ANA Gavel Club Officers

 Alston  Conrad  Moras
  Vice President - Education
  Shawn  Elton  D’Silva
  Vice President - Membership   
  Japmann  Sarin
  Vice President - Public Relations   
  Caleb Shalom
 Club Secretary
  Christina  Babu
  Ishan  Date
  Seargeant at Arms   
  Hridhay  Natan
MTM  Neel Kamal
TM Sankaran Nambisan
TM Samuel.F. D’Silva