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12th year Annual Picnic by ABC Toastmasters Club along with ANA Gavel Club, HaHa HeHe HoHo and Seeb Toastmsters club.

Compiled By: TM Elizabeth Noronha.

Photography: TM Don Ashokan. ( Please refer Photogallery]

As all of us were waiting for the Annual Toastmasters picnic expecting the National day holidays to be announced, overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm we decided to Nov 28th and place chosen was SILVER RING FARMS BARKA.

The day began with the gathering at the venue at around 9.30 am, sumptuous breakfast was served until 10.30 am. The attendance for the picnic was much more than expected that gave lot of spirit to the organizers. The Members and their families joined with the spirit of the occasion and enrolled their participation at the registration counter managed by Sarmila D’Silva, and TM Poonam Vernekar.

The event began with the enthusiastic and cheerful start by the master of ceremony TM Sherwin D’Silva with a HaHaHeHe HoHo themed Warm up exercise with laughter and stretches. Follwed by a brief introduction and each family.

It was a great occasion to release the 2nd newsletter of ABC Toastmasters with a large gathering. VPPR of ABC Toastmasters called on the Newsletter committee and Requested Madam Galdys Misquith to release the news letter.

Later He formed 3 groups A,B. and C where as the members of each group set their group name as A- as Absolute Bindas Club, B – Belivers challenge and C- Muscat Panthers. Different Fun Games conducted among the groups where each and every Member participated with great Zeal.

After a short break with delicious barbeque prepared by TM Samuel D’silva and team it was the time to exhibit the talents of Toastmasters and Guests. A variety of entertainment and talents exhited by, TM Sachin Tacker, TM Shajahan, Gav Aldren, Gav Alena , Gav Shawn and many. Followed by a sumptuous lunch included,Chicken sukka, Barbeque, rice , Chapathi, Kurma, Dhal, Pappad, Pickle and salad, was really delicious.

After the Lunch some of them who loved to swim plunged in to the swimming pool, where as kids enjoyed playing in the water. Others involved in cricket , badminton .

Afternoon session began with a Housie- Housie and attractive prizes announced for the winners. Each members participated with great interest and vigour. Which followed by Tea and snacks.

Now it was our time to tap our feet with the dancing steps to the DJ ‘s Music by DJ Naveen and DJ Shawn D’Silva.

By Evening everyone enjoyed the picnic, some of them mentioned to me that they had completely forgotten about their work and leisure took prime importance. This marvelous picnic would not have been possible without the participation of all and for the hard work put in by the organizers.

TM Satish Bhanushali President ABC toastmasters Club, thanked each one for their participation and making the Picnic a memborable one.

A special team was set up and a preparatory meeting was conducted on Saturday 23rd comprising DTM Cyprian Misquith, DTM NanthKumar, TM Samuel, TM,Mohan Anandan, TM, Elizabeth Noronha, TM Manoj Krishnan, TM, Akshay Revanker, TM Poonam Vernekar to paln the budget and Event.

The scenic beauty and the lovely photographs which are on this website is due to great talent of TM Don Ashokan and we appreciate his services.

Closing Ceremony conducted by TM Sherwin by presenting gifts to each participants of entertainment programme as well as winners of fungames and housie-housie.

A beautiful mega Group pic was Captured by TM Don Ashokan and all dispersed with a great memories in their hearts.

The 11th Club officers  installation ceremony and  Annual day celebration of ABC Toastmasters  and ANA Gavel Club

Reported  by: TM Elizabeth Noronha.

PIcs By:  Mr Ivan Moras


 Sept 19:   ABC Toastmasters  is one of the foremost  Toastmasters club  in Oman  along with ANA Gavel club Celebrated its 11th year officers installation ceremony and Annual day on 30th August  at  Udupi hotel  basement  hall MBD area, Muscat, Oman Under the leadership of stunch  Toastmaster  Satish Bhanushali  stepping towards another glorious year of Public speaking with the Mission of developing leadership and communication skills.

The programme began @ 05:45PM  by SAA TM Sriniavasa Reddy?s prompt meeting called to order and recitation of Mission of the club and the ground rules of Toastmaster  session. Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0212.JPG


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0219.JPG

 The programme then taken over by the Master of ceremonies TM Sherwin D?Silva a vibrant compere  par excellence  Gavel champion, ever smiling  and charming personality by extending a warm welcome to the gathering

. Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0227.JPG

TM  Sherwin D?Silva  as Master of ceremony.

Gav Haritha Jayaprakash invoked  the God?s blessing on the occasion by a stupendous classical dance performance

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0238.JPG

Gav Haritha Jayaprakash

The 1st session of the programme was a regular TM session.  DTM Nanthkumar  took over the mantle and continued the proceeding of the meeting with his regular wit and humor. He introduced the role players to the audience and invited each role player to explain the criteria of the role they are playing.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0252 (1).JPG

DTM Nanthkumar as Toastmaster of the day

The role players for  the day were;


Time Keepers: Gav. Aldrin Moras and TM Rajesh Nambiar,

 Word master: Gav. Zayan Said.

Grammarian : TM Neel Kamal Anchan.

Ah counter:  Gav Harshil Mendon.

Hark Master: TM Nysam Haneef.

General Evaluator : TM Mohan Anandan.


Speech from Advance Manual Management, Persuade and inspire  Project  3  presented by TM Ahsan Jalal titles his speech ? Act before its too late? and  the Project 4 from Competent Communication Manual presented by Gav Marina Saji  titled her speech ? The Big Sibling Book? and the speeches were evaluated by Seasoned TM Suranga Ranasinge and  Gav Shreya Mohnot respectively.

Another interesting event was the Table Topics Session  conducted by Gav. Niranjan Raman,  4 table topic speakers spoke for 2 minutes each instantly without any preparation on the topics given by the table topic master. The speakers were: TM Manoj Krishnan from ABC Toastmasters Club, Gavelier  Yenuli Binara from ANA Gavel Club,   and 2 from guests.

General Evaluator TM Mohan Anand took over the session and gave a detail evaluation along with his team of  Speech evaluators and Role players.

 The Hark Master TM Nysam Haneef   cherished the audience with his sence of humour, live participation and interesting gifts.


Gav. Zayan Said as Word Master



Gav Aldean Moras and TM Rajesh Nambiar as Time keepers.

TM Neel Kamal Anchan as Grammarian

Gav Harshil Mendon as Ah Counter



TM Nysam Haneef as Hark Master.

TM Mohan Anandan  as General Evaluator.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0292.JPG

TM Suranga Ranasinge as Evaluator


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0297.JPG

TM Ahsan Jalal as speaker.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0303.JPG

  Gav Shreya Mehnot as Evaluator

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0312.JPG

Gav Marena Saji as speaker


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0318.JPG

 Gav Niranjan Raman  as Table Topic Master


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0321.JPG

TM Manoj Krishnan as Table Topic Speaker.



Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0326.JPG

Gav Yenuli Binara as Table Topic Speaker.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0330.JPG

Guest   as Table Topic Speaker.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0334.JPG

Guest as Table Topic speaker

After a short snack break   the second part of session continued.

The Falicitation of  outgoing  14 office bearers   { 7 from ABC Toastmasters and 7 from ANA gavel club} was done by the Club Mentor DTM  Cyprian Misquith,

Outgoing  Office bearers  of ABC Toastmasters  as follows;

TM Neel Kamal Anchan {President}

TM Satish Bhanushali {  Vice President Education}

TM  Akshay Revanker { Vice President Public Relation}

TM  Shijin Velayudin { Vice President Membership}

TM  Rajesh Nambiar { Treasurer}

TM Manu Ramachandran { Secretary}

TM Manoj Krishnan  { Sergeant at Arms}

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0405.JPG

Outgoing  Office bearers  of  ANA Gavel Club  as follows;

Gav.Caleb Shalom { President}

Gav Hridhay  Natan { Vice President Education}

Gav .Siddhartha Paridha { Vice President Membership}

Gav. Nathasha  Noronha { Vice President Public Relations}

 Gav Dan Josh { Club secretary}

Gav Aisha Nizar { Treasurer}

Gav Advikha  Rajesh { Sergeant at Arms}

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0415.JPG


 The outgoing  presidents of ABC Toastmasters club and ANA Gavel club   TM Neel Kamal Anchan and Gav Caleb Shalom  thanked  the support of the  team  for the past year and  gave their  Valuable words of encouragement   and wished all success to the  excom for the next year. Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0282.JPG

Outgoing President TM Neel kamal Anchan


  Official Installation of  club officers for the year  2019-2020 done by Area Director  TM Binoy Raj and   Division Director  DTM Sunil Sadashivan.

The Club officers   of ABC Toastmasters club  for the year  2019- 2020 are  as follows;

TM Satish Bhanushali  { President}

TM Manoj Krishnan { Vice President -Education}

TM Akshay Revankar  { Vice President- Membership}

TM Elizabeth Noronha { Vice President- Public Relation}

TM  Simon D?Souza {  Treasurer}

TM Poonam Vernekar  { Club Secretory}

TM  Sriniasasa Reddy { Sergeant at Arms}


The Club officers   of ANA Gavel  club  for the year  2019- 2020 are  as follows:

 Gav. Dan Josh  { President}

Gav. Nathasha  Noronha  {  Vice  President- Education}

Gav.  Aisha Nizar { Vice President-  Membership}

Gav.  Advikha Rajesh { Vice President ?Public Relation}

 Gav. Adheena  Seju  { Treasurer}

Gav. Nova Johnson {  Club secretary}

Gav. Aditya Sharma  { Sergeant at Arms}


The Newly elected  President s of ABC Toastmasters club  TM Satish Bhanushali   a pleasing personality always wearing a rich smile on his face. He is an enthusiastic and never tiring personality who is capable of leading his team successfully to greater heights  gave his motivating  words to his team and The Newly Elected President of ANA Gavel  Club Gav. Dan Josh  equally cool and smiling  Gavelier   caught the audience attention by his sense of humor.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0482.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0444.JPG

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0440.JPG                                                                                              Presidents; TM Satish Bhanushali and Gav Dan Josh

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0437.JPGVPM: TM Akshay Revankar and Gav Aisha Nizar.

VPE: TM Manoj Krishnan and Gav Nathasha Noronha


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0434.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0428.JPG

VPPR: TM Elizabeth Noronha and Gav Advikha  Rajesh              Treasurer: TM Simon D?Souza and

                                                                                                                                    Gav. Adeena Seju.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0431.JPG 

Secretary: TM Poonam Vernekar                                       SAA: TM Sriniavasa Reddy.

                     Gav Nova Johnson                                                      Gav Aditya Sharma


The Educational Awards  for the year 2018-2019  Present by VPE TM Manoj Krishnan  are  as follows;

CC/CL Manuals

1.       Gav Alston Moras           :{ Completed CC Manual}

2.       TM Elizabeth Noronha   : { Completed CC Manual}

3.        TM Dilip Correa              : { Completed  CL Manual}

4.        TM Simon D? Souza        :{ Completed CL Manual}


1.       TM. Akshay Anil Revankar                     : Level 2 Innovative Planning.

2.       TM Balasubramanian Ramachandran : Level 2 Leadership Development.

3.        TM Chirag Chandrakanth Sodha          :  Level 1 Innovative Planning.

4.        TM Dexter Fernandes                            :  Level 1 Visionary Communication.?

5.       TM Jayaraj  Dhanalingam                       :  Level 1 Effective Coaching.

6.        TM Manoj Krishnan                                : Level 2   Persuasive Influence.

7.        TM Manu Ramachandran                      :  Level 2 Dynamic Leadership

8.        TM Neeraj Naetsawan                           : Level2. Motivational stratergies.

9.        TM Parag Zoting                                      ;  Level2  Innovative Planning.

10.    TM Roxy Ann Roy                                    :  Level 1 Presentation Mastery.

11.    TM Shakila Faisal                                     :  Level 1  Innovative Planning.

12.    TM Vijesh Vijayan                                    : Level 1  Motivational stratergies.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0504.JPG


Induction of New  members done by Vice president Membership TM Akshay Revanker.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0506 (1).JPG

New members introduced were,

1.TM Sherwin D?Silva,

2, TM Poonam Vernekar.

 New members introduced to their respective mentors and there by mentors and the other toastmasters   assured them with the full support for their  toastmaster journey.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0519.JPG

The chief guest presided for the evening  was our own Division Director DTM Sunil sadashivan was falicitated by floral bouquet  by  Club Mentor  DTM Cyprian Misquith.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0530.JPG

Chief guest  then  Appreciated the outstanding support of Mentors of ABC and ANA gavel club DTM Cyprian Misquith, TM Samuel D?silva nd TM Neela Kamal Anchan with the certificate of appreciation.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0528.JPG

 He   spoke on the importance of public speaking skills and the benefits of joining toastmasters clubs. He advised the audience to make use of the opportunity to join clubs at their leisure times. He assured the club his full support and cooperation from his side.

He the identified the ?Wow? factor of 9 year old Gav.  Zayan  said for his outstanding public speaking skills and awarded with ? WoW  badge.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0535.JPG


The Task of releasing newsletter carried out by Vice president Public relations  TM Elizabeth


  Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0537.JPG



Emphasized  the members and guest to  go on the net for the website www. abctoastmasters. org.  Face book page ABC toastmasters club and the quarterly newlettter   ? ABC Tidings?

Official news letter of the club, "ABC Tidings" 1st  issue  for the year 2019-2020 was released by  DTM Sunil Sadashivan,

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0541.JPG

The news letter committee comprising of

 TM Mohan Anand ( Chief Editor}

TM Nysam Haneef { Chief Co- ordinator}

TM Manoj Krishnan  { Page Building , Design and layout}

TM Roxy Ann Roy and TM Shakila Faisal as supporting members.


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0543.JPG

Vote of thanks given by Club Secretary TM Poonam Vernekar

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0583.JPG


The cultural Programme was managed by a stunning Gavelier  persuing his higher studies in Canada .

A  Bollywood style  solo dance performed by Gav. Shreya and Gav .Aldrean Moras.   The melodious Solo Song  sung by Gav Yenuli Binara and Gav Advikha Rajesh.

 Beat boxing by Gav Alston Moras was one of the attraction of cultural event of the evening.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0569.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0572.JPG

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0576.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0578.JPG


Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0581.JPG

The sponsers of the evening,  the  Gavliers who  participated in cultural event  were presented with mementos.

Description: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0563.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0565.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0603.JPGDescription: C:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_0614 (1).JPG


Sumptuous  Dinner supplied by  Udupi Hotel  was served at 10-30 pm as per schedule. The entire programme concluded by 10.45 pm.



ABC Toastmasters celebrates it's 2nd Anniversary

Muscat, October 7, 2011: The ABC Toastmasters Club, Muscat, Oman celebrated it’s second anniversary on Friday, 7th October, 2011 at  Al Ghubra Power & Desalination Club Recreation Hall, Al Azaiba.  The program began at 6:30 pm and continued until 10:30 pm.  

Our second annual day of ABC toastmasters commenced with a cultural program from a young bunch of talented performers. They put up a group dance from the Song: Zoobi Doobi Pum para ; Movie: 3 Idiots
The participants were Liza D’Sa, Stacy Vaz and Chelsia D’Sa. The dance was choreographed by our very own Mr. Sylvester Vaz.  

Little children really put up an awesome show and danced so gracefully to the rhythm of music.

The second dance performance of the day was from an upcoming “Mangalorean Star”.  He had choreographed a solo dance for himself and he was none other than our very own Alston Moras.

At 6.45 pm,  TM Omer Sadiq, Sergent at Arms, called the meeting to order at 6.45 pm followed by a welcome address from the President CC Sankaran Nambissan and handed over the podium to the Toastmaster of the day, ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith  who welcomed the audience and introduced the role players for the evening.   The role players were: Time Keeper – TM Kirti Bhatia,  Word Master - TM Prakasam, Grammarian – TM Vipul Kotecha,  Ah/Umm counter - TM Sundaravadi Velu and General Evaluator – ACG  ALB Alex Crasta. Each of the role players explained the criteria for the project speakers & evaluators. The word of the day was “AFFABLE” which had to be used by the role players.  The panel of Evaluators comprised of CC Celine D’Souza, CC Donald Fernandes and ACS Thomas George.
Project Speeches were given by Gavelier Riya Jose who spoke on the subject “Are you drinking enough water” followed by ACB CL Louis Pereira who spoke on the topic “Face Book Venture”  Gavelier Christy Joseph gave the evaluation criteria under International category speech for Gavelier Riya Jose and ACS Thomas George gave the evaluation criteria under the humorous section for speaker ACB CL Louis Pereira.  The entire program was conducted by the Toastmaster of the day ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith, who entertained the audience with his smiling face and lively commentory. He was also applauded for timing the program and concluding it within the specified time.

Another interesting contest was the Table Topics. CC Patcy Lasrado took over the mantle of Table Topic Master and conducted this session.  There were six table topic speakers, four from ABC Toastmasters Club and two from the guests.  The Table Topic Speakers were asked to select a topic and speak on the topic for two minutes.  From ABC Toastmasters Club, TM Mohammed Jawed, TM Ashwyn Kumar, TM Vinod Sadhwani, CC Dilip David Correa and were the Table Topic Speakers. From the Guests, Madam Monica Dantis and Mr. Samuel D’silva spoke as Table Topic Speakers.

The evaluation session was conducted after the break for refreshments by the General Evaluator ACG CL Alex Crasta, he called for the reports of the role players. The business session was conducted by VP-Education, ACB CL Alexander Sequeira.

Installation of new club officers for the year 2011-2012 was done by the Area Governor, Area 67, ACG ALB Madam Clita Crasta , who administered the oath as per Toastmasters International guidelines and honored the club officers with their respective pins.  Outgoing Officers of the previous year were thanked for their excellent work done for the Club.

A brief introduction on the website “ABCTOASTMASTERS.WEBS.COM” was given by the President CC Sankaran Nambissan gave an update of the website ‘ABCTOASTMASTERS.WEBS.COM’ and the release of Newsletter- ABC Tidings was done by DTM George Thomas, a prominent toastmaster and a well known personality among the Toastmasters community in Oman. He also spoke about the inception of Toastmasters International in 1924, about 87 years ago and gave brief introduction of the Toastmasters Clubs.

The Governor of Division D, District 20, ALB ACG Salam Mohammed Salar spoke about the ABC Toastmasters Club, its achievements and appreciated the members of the Club for encouraging members to enhance their public speaking skills. He along with the President, CC Sankaran Nambissan awarded the participation certificates to the project speakers and table topic speakers. The President concluded the formal part of the evening with his closing remarks.
The second part of the cultural program continued after honoring of sponsors and awards ceremony.

We had yet another group dance on the song: Khawabon Se Nikal Ke Tu Aaja  ; Movie: Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama
The participants were: Shaina D’Souza, Lenita Lobo, Melissa Rodrigues, Michelle Rodrigues, Liza D’Sa, Stacy Vaz, Seia Furtado

Choreographer: Sylvester Vaz

The last dance performed was on mixed Bollywood numbers.

Choreographers were Adriana Noronha & Alston Moras

Participants Names :
Alston Moras, Dale Dantis, Adriana Noronha, Andrea Noronha, Sneha Sequeira, Bertyle Noronha, Dimitra Lobo

The chief guest for the programme was Mr. Clifford Sanctis, Director of Hydrotec LLC. The President, TM Sankaran gave a brief introduction of the chief guest. He was escorted to the stage by the Past President ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith.  The Chief Guest spoke about Toastmasters and appreciated the time schedule and efforts put in by ABC Executive committee and all the members to conduct this program so meticulously. He invited the audience to join toastmasters club and assured of his help to the club, whenever required.  He also honored the sponsors of the program with flower bouquets.
A beautiful power point presentation on the happenings of the past one year were on display before the program, at the interval and at the end of the program. This power point display was designed and presented by TM Kirti Bhatia. Spot prizes were won by the children, Lisa D’Sa and Riya Jose.
Finally, sumptuous Dinner was supplied by Divine Restaurant was served at 10-30 as per schedule. The entire programme concluded at 11.00 pm

The sponsors for the programme were:

Main Sponsors: M/s. Hydrotec LLC.(MR. CLIFFORD SANCTIS – CHIEF GUEST)
Co-Sponsors: Dohat Al Khaleej Co. LLC - Mr. Bhudev Singh – General Manager, Al Ghubrah Power & Desalination Co. SAOG – Mr. Vipul Kotecha – Finance Manager, Nadan Trading LLC & Divine Restaurant – Mr. Louis Pereira – Finance Manager, Star Technologies LLC – Mr. Thomas George – General Manager, Al Osool Al Arabia LLC – Mr. Jose Chacko – Chief Executive Officer,  Prudent Loss Adjusters - Mr. Vinay Nazareth, Mr. Vincent Monis & Family, Smart Vision Technical Services LLC – Mr. Saju, Mr. Samuel D’Silva & Family, Muscat Pharmacy & Stores LLC, National Biscuits Co. SAOG & Omantel.
More about the ABC Toastmasters Club, Oman
ABC Toastmasters Club made its humble beginning which was primarily initiated by a group of people who are accomplished speakers themselves, the ABC Toastmasters Club in Oman, held its first meeting on March 06, 2009.  Having only six members at its inception, the ABC Toastmasters were steered by ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith, DTM George Thomas and CTM Clarence Pinto.  A total of seven members were present at the first official session that took place on March 16th 2009.  The official registration into the International Toastmasters Club came three months later on June 24, 2009 with twenty two members.  Incidentally, a minimum membership of twenty members is a stipulated requirement for registering with Toastmasters International, USA.
The toastmasters club is not a new concept to Oman.  There are about fourteen clubs in Oman sponsored by individual companies with over 400 members practicing their public speaking skills. These clubs have been running successfully in the past, and have given rise to many groups of successful speakers.  These speakers have honed their leadership skills in clubs such as these, thus enhancing their career opportunities and prospects.  Worldwide the Toastmasters organization is known for its non profit agendas and has 252,000 members in 12,500 clubs spread across a span of 106 countries.
Closer home in Oman, the ABC Toastmasters club owes its beginning to CTM Clarence Pinto, Sponsor & Mentor ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith, TTT participants Louis Pereira, Dilip Correa, Alex Aranha, Alexander V Sequeira and others.  This group of enterprising individuals decided to start this club after witnessing the success of ‘Taste the Toast’ – a six weeks workshop for aspiring toastmasters that was conducted during October/November 2008 by the Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish.  
Every meeting is professionally eked out with a fixed agenda, a timer, colour cards and evaluation papers.  Extemporized table topics still remain the most popular of these meetings.  Undoubtedly, every meeting serves to build up the confidence of many a hesitant speaker.  Taking a cue from its mother club - the Toastmasters International, the ABC Toastmasters Club in Oman also strives to aid its members in overcoming their fear of public speaking and to become better speakers.
The club under the leadership of the then president, CC CL Louis Pereira, reached the helm of its glory during the year 2009-2010. Membership rose from 20 to 32 and the club’s performance was applauded in Toastmasters circles. Some members of club participated in area and division speech contest too.
For the year 2010-2011, the new executive committee under the leadership of ACS ALB Cyprian Misquith as President took over the mantle of ABC Toastmasters Club. As on date, the club has nearly 34 dedicated members.
For the last two years, ending 30th June 2011, the club has received the “Presidents Distinguished Club” award for getting 10 out of 10 points from Toastmasters International, USA.  This club has created a name in toastmasters circle for its ever growing membership drive, various programs, achieving maximum certifications and boasts of sponsoring the first of its kind in Oman “ANA GAVEL CLUB OF MUSCAT” to help the youngsters to gain confidence and public speaking skills. The club has already sponsored a Distinguished Speakers Toastmasters Club, currently headed by the President, ACG ALB Alex Crasta.
ABC Toastmasters Club meets every Monday at 8.15 pm on the mezannine floor at Divine Restaurant. The Ana Gavel Club of Muscat meets every alternative Friday at Al Osool Al Arabia office at 11.00 am/
For the year ending 30th June 2011, the following members of the club have achieved  certifications as below:
1.    Clita Crasta -Advance Communicator-Gold & Advance Leader Bronze
2.    Alex Crasta-Advance Communicator-Gold & Advance Leader Bronze.
3.    Cyprian Misquith-Advance Communicator-Silver & Advance Leader Bronze.
4.    Thomas George-Advance Communicator-Silver
5.    Louis Pereira- Advance Communicator-Bronze & Competent Leader.
6.    Alexander Sequeira- Advance Communicator-Bronze & Competent Leader.
7.    Sankaran Nambissan – Competent Communicator
8.    Dilip Correa – Competent Communicator
9.    Celine D’souza – Competent Communicator
10.    Patcy Lasrado – Competent Communicator

Office bearers of ABC Toastmasters Club for the year 2011 – 2012 are:
1. CC Sankaran Nambissas-President
2. ACB CL Alexander Sequeira -Vice President-Education
3. TM Vipul Kotecha - Vice President-Membership.
4. TM Mohammed Jawed -Vice President-Public Relations.
5. TM Kirti Bhatia -Club Secretary.
6. TM Joy Antony -Hon. Treasurer.
7.TM Omar Sadiq -Sergeant at Arms.
Office bearers of ANA Gavel Club has the following Officers for the current year:
1. President: Master Rana Jose.
2. Vice President-Education: Miss Amanda Pinto.
3. Vice President-Membership: Master Ashley D'Souza.
4. Vice President-Public Relations: Master Edward George.
5. Club Secretary: Master Dean Chris D'Souza.
6. Treasurer: Master Vivian Monis.
7. Sergent at Arms: Miss Natasha Showkath Assadi.

Counselor-TM Vipul Kotecha  
Main Coordinator for this Gavel Club: ACS Thomas George
Assistant Coordinator Madam Patcy Lasrado.
The President for the current year – CC Sankaran Nambissan from Kerala, India and has been a resident of Oman for the last 13 years.  Employed as Technical Manager in M/s. M.B. Petroleum LLC
Cyprian is also known for his diplomatic approach and leadership qualities. He is polite, soft spoken and has the ability to convince anyone with his soft and dignified approach.

Report by: Louis Pereira.


First Time 3 Competent Communication Awards in one meeting! 


First time in the history of ABC Toastmasters Club, we have the achievement of three Competent Communicator Awards. This honor was achieved at the 89th session on 6th December 2010 and goes to the following Toastmasters:


1.       CC Celine D’Souza

2.       CC Sankaran Nambissan

3.       CC Dilip Correa


ABC Toastmasters picnic  - December 2010

We were all waiting for the Toastmasters picnic from last month onwards, expecting the National day holidays to be announced, however, we could not resist it any more and decided to have the picnic during the Mohurram holidays. It was on the 7th of December 2010 and the place chosen was Al Goubra Power and Desalination Co. LLC campus.

The day began with the meeting of people at around 9.30 am, morning breakfast was served until 10.30 am. The attendance for the picnic was more than double of the first picnic organized last year, 71 of them were present at the beginning and the crowd increased during the later part of the day. The attendance was more basically because of the Gavel club members and their families.

Cricket was the first event of the day, 6 teams were in the fray and were named as angels, bells, wreath, stockings, candles and ……. Everyone got a chance to play, out the 5 overs per team, 2 were bowled by the men, 2 by the ladies and 1 by a child. While batting a lady had to come in at the fall of the first wicket, while a child had to come in to bat at the fall of the second wicket. It was a very sporting affair and it ended up with a wreath team as the winners while the runners up was the candles team.

In the meantime, the chicken and vegetarian barbeque was set and TM Shankaran, Mr. Samuel D’silva and Mr. Alfred D’souza were courteous enough to help. After a round of spot prizes and music, we relished the sumptuous meal prepared and presented by our own CC Alex Aranha. Mind you, we did not miss out on wishing TM Adrian Saldhana on his birthday.

The afternoon began with a burst of group games, like ………..
it was fun and laughter for the elders as well as the children. Everyone was actively involved and worked towards bringing their team glory.

The evening started with tug of war for all the teams, great excitement could be seen among the members, finally, …….. emerged as the winners, while the runners up honour went to ………. To end the day, we had the spot prizes and the awards ceremony. The overall winners on points were…….. while the overall runners up for the day were…….

Everyone enjoyed the picnic, some of them mentioned to me that they had completely forgotten about their work and leisure took prime importance. This marvelous picnic would not have been possible without the participation of all and for the hard work put in by the organizers.

A special team was set up and a preparatory meeting was conducted on Friday 3rd December 2010 by TM Cyprian Misquith, TM Louis Pereira, TM Adrian Saldhana and TM Vipul Kotecha to discuss the logistics and the budget for the picnic. The organization and the execution was very well done on that day by TM Donald Fernandes, TM Adrian Saldhana, TM Cyprian Misquith, TM Vipul Kotecha, TM Raymond Rodrigues and TM Mdm Clita Crasta.

The scenic beauty and the lovely photographs which are on this website is due to great talent of TM Dilip Correa and we appreciate his services.

We specially express our gratitude to TM Vipul Kotecha for being so enthusiastic, loving and caring to accommodate such a large gathering at the Company campus. We cannot forget people who have worked behind the scene and in case we have missed out anyone, we express our sincere thanks on behalf of the Executive Committee.

We also would like to praise our First lady Mrs. Gladys Misquith for conducting the spot questions and the lovely group games. For all my toastmasters, who have seen me always wearing a formal attire, a change could be seen, although I had to finally give out the mission of the club at the fag end of the day.  The picnic, for me, did not end there, the fireworks were the finale of the evening, as I could not escape it due to the traffic jam,  they were absolutely fantabulous, and we managed to reach home at 10.00 pm.


Compiled by :
Cyprian Misquith ACS, CL,
President, ABC Toastmasters Club

'Gavel Club' for youth started by ABC Toastmasters Club(courtesy mangalorean.com)
The dream of ABC Toastmasters Club of starting a Gavel Club for the youngsters and enthusiastic "Gaveliers" finally came true. Gavelier  Rana Jose, an enthusiastic and dynamic youngster, designer of ABC Toastmasters website (www.abctoastmasters.webs.com), a student of 12th standard at Indian School, Al Wadi Al Kabir, was elected as the first President of the newly formed "GAVEL CLUB" Sponsored by ABC Toastmasters Club, Oman.  

The Gavel Club meeting began at 4.30 pm on Friday, 22nd October 2010 in Al Osool Al Arabia LLC Training Hall, Ruwi, with Sergeant at Arms TM Raymond Rodrigues calling the meeting to order.

In the absence of the dynamic and ever enthusiastic President of ABC Toastmasters Club, ACS CL Cyprian Misquith, who was mainly responsible to start this club, the immediate past President of the Club, CC CL Louis Pereira took over as the Toastmaster of the day.  In his welcome address, Toastmaster Louis Pereira highlighted this Gavel Club as the “First officially registered Gavel Club” in the Sultanate of Oman and is a wonderful gift for the young children who wish to become successful public speakers and future leaders.  The President's message was read out by Madam Celine D'Souza for the Gaveliers, wishing them good luck.



















DTM George Thomas, Division Governor of Division D, District 79, was the chief guest of the day who in his address gave a brief introduction of the Toastmasters movement and its beginning way back in 1924 on the 22nd of October by Dr. Ralph Smedley.  The other guest of the day was ACB CL Srikumar Pai, Area Governor of Area 67, Division D, who in his brief address advised the children to make use of this golden opportunity for their betterment and to gain self-confidence and leadership skills.

CC CL Louis Pereira then explained the activities of Toastmasters Club, difference between Toastmasters and Gavel Club and explained the duties and responsibilities of the club officers.  He shared his own experience of joining the toastmasters club and how one can benefit from it. Seven officers were elected from among the Gaveliers who will be leading the Gavel Club for the next six months.

The Coordinator for the Gavel Club Madam Patcy Lasrado invited all the club officers for their self-introduction and to explain how they are going to shoulder the responsibilities as club officers.

The main coordinator for the Gavel Club ACB Thomas George conducted the table topic session with some interesting topics. Masters Ashley D'Souza, Rana Jose, Denzil Saldanha, Sarin, Jeremy, Gautam Varmani, Arjun, Elester and Miss Christine spoke spontanously as table topic speakers on the topics given by the table topic master. He also conducted the Business session of selecting the role players for the next session.

The Time Keeper of the day was Toastmaster Leyasuddin who gave the time criteria and also maintained perfect time record of the entire meeting's proceeding.

The Past President and toastmaster of the day, CC CL Louis Pereira in his closing remarks explained about various projects to be completed to achieve the respective titles and also advised the children about their next moves, maintaining timings for this club activities and wished the children success in this Gavel Club.   He thanked the sponsor and owner of Al Osool Al Arabia Training hall, Toastmaster Jose Chacko and his family for their continuous help and support by providing the venue for the Gavel Club Meetings.

The Club Officers elected for the first six months term are:
1. President: Master Rana Jose.
2. Vice President-Education: Miss Amanda Pinto.
3. Vice President-Membership: Master Ashley D'Souza.
4. Vice President-Public Relations: Master Edward George.
5. Club Secretary: Master Dean Chris D'Souza.
6. Treasurer: Master Vivian Monis.
7. Sergent at Arms: Miss Natasha Showkath Assadi.

Main Coordinator for this Gavel Club: ACB Thomas George and Asst. 
Coordinator Madam Patcy Lasrado.

ABC Toastmasters Picnic on 30th November,2009

Report by TM Louis Pereira, President

Come November 18th, it’s the celebration day for the residents of Sultanate of Oman. It’s the National Day of the Sultanate. This year, The Sultanate celebrated its 39th National Day. As usual, National Day holidays will be declared during the end of November. This year’s specialty was the added attraction of the famous “Bakri Eid” which was celebrated on Friday, the 27th November 2009. The holidays were declared from 27th of November 2009 till 4th December 2009, a full week to celebrate and enjoy.


Long ago a young man in search of knowledge and enlightenment went to the remote mountains. There he met a monk in the monastery and the young man met the chief monk and begged him for the original book of knowledge. After lot of reluctance, the chief monk showed him the place where the book was stored. The young man finally located the original book of knowledge from a dusty shelf. He carefully opened the book and in astonishment said, it reads “CELEBRATE”!


At ABC Toastmasters, we wait for opportunities to celebrate. Our weekly meetings are always a celebration. How can we miss this golden opportunity of the week long holidays available to CELEBRATE and the gallant idea of a picnic strike our mind. Well, it won’t take long time for Mentor ACB Cyprian Misquith and President TM Louis Pereira for an idea to materialize. After a long search, a picnic spot was located near Barka, adjacent to the Bait Al Barka Palace on the beach side, a place about 75 kms away from Ruwi. All the members along with their families & invited guests were requested to assemble near ABC Toastmasters Club Office at CBD by 9.00 am on the 30th November 2009. Some members residing around Azaiba side were instructed to assemble near Zubair Corporation in Azaiba. Finally the bandwagon of cars along with members left for Barka and reached the picnic spot by 10 am.


The picnic spot is just adjacent to the Bait Al Barka Palace. From Naseem Gardens towards the right side is the beach. Not a busy place but all the facilities like shades, calm sea water, beautiful sand, plenty of parking, seating arrangements under the shades and a very safe haven for entire group to have a great picnic, thanks to this lovely country, Sultanate of Oman.


ACB Mdm Clita Crasta, ACB Alex Crasta, TM Adrian Saldanha and TM Daryl Saldanha took charge of the entire day. Games were arranged in such way so that all should participate.  Mdm Clita, known for her witty styles, had all plans to keep the members occupied for the full day. The hilarious moment of the picnic was the men doing the cat walk in saree and on the beach.


She made all the members to pick a name tag of another group member and to make friends with that person. Each person holding a name tag of another person, made a group and each group were asked to have a name of their choice, play games, fancy dress competition, enacting a play and lot more.

Barbeque Chicken and Chicken Franks were beautifully arranged and served by veteran caterer Alfred and Celine Dsouza. Sumptuous breakfast and lunch was made by TM Alex Aranha and Family and the group enjoyed their picnic till the end of the day.

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